Western Apparel and Accessories

The American West

There’s anything American compared to cowboys and cowgirls from the old west. They symbolize American individualism, survival, and ruggedness. The cowboys and cowgirls were-but still are-rebels who spent their lives outside using their horses and cattle.

They resided their lives by themselves terms and were experts in gun, horse, and cattle skills. Due to their special devote American culture and history, Americans like to put on cowboy and cowgirl western put on as part of their very own American identity.

Past Western Put on

Previously six decades, western put on meant wearing full cowboy or cowgirl outfits having a costume-like theme. This manner statement was especially big during the 1950s once the western theme grew to become a main issue with the most popular culture.

On T.V., western shows were extremely popular such as the singing cowboy shows where new bands stars, like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, sang weekly. It had been also during this period that western movies grew to become big hits with stars like John Wayne, Audie Murphy, and James Arness recreating that old west around the giant screen. Even cartoons and kid shows selected in the western theme with figures like Howdy Doodie. It had been also during this period that jeans jeans grew to become part of everyone’s wardrobe.

Following the 50s, the western theme reduced, however the jeans and blue jeans resided on being an American classic.

Today’s Western Put on

Today, the western theme has returned partially because of its American ruggedness and partially from American patriotism in supporting our troops all over the world however this time, the popularity both in men’s and women’s fashion would be to give a DASH of western flair rather of a complete wild west “costume”.

In this manner, women and men can display their “American pride and ruggedness” yet still be fashion forward. For example of western flair…

For Ladies:

A lengthy flowing dressy skirt and blouse having a western-style jeans vest.

• A brief dress with women’s cowboy boots

• Jeans along with a white-colored shirt with Navajo-style turquoise and silver necklace, bracelet and earrings

• Jean skirt with contemporary top and boots

• Contemporary outfit having a women’s western belt and buckle

• Outside put on or boho dress having a women’s cowboy hat

• Full western wedding gown with fancy cowboy boots and cowboy hat and veil

For Males:

Full business suit and briefcase with men’s cowboy boots

• Contemporary jeans or khaki pants having a modern shirt which has the western yoke stitching

• Contemporary pants having a men’s western belt and belt buckle

• Casual put on having a simple men’s cowboy hat

• Full wedding tuxedo inside a western style with fancy cowboy boots and cowboy hat

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