Top Tips to Make Sure You are Choosing the Proper Watch Strap

The watch you wear can say a lot about you and your lifestyle, so it’s imperative to choose the right watch. And whether you are a watch collector and have a whole array of watches or have decided to splurge on a single watch which you can wear on every occasion, the strap of your watch makes an impact as well. The good news is that even if you just have a single watch, you can swap the strap occasionally, which can change the entire look of your watch as needed. But choosing the right watch strap can be quite overwhelming, as there are many choices available. Here, then, are some top tips to make sure you are choosing the proper watch strap.

  1. Think about the size

First, make a measurement of the width between the lugs of the watch (the part where the watch strap is attached to the watch). If the strap is too large, it will not fit or will bunch up. If the watch strap is too small, the watch will shift as it moves away from the strap, or there will be an ugly gap. The width of the lug is in millimetres, and this is why you will often see sizes such as 22 mm to 24 mm. Here’s another tip: lug widths are often in even numbers, and it’s rare to find lug widths in odd number combinations.

  1. Think of the length

Fortunately, most straps come with a standard or typical length, and this should fit most any wrist. But if your wrists are small or too large, you may want to get a shorter or a longer strap, respectively. If you wish, you can measure your wrist’s size with a tape measure. Just like the width, the length of straps is also in millimetres, but two sizes are often mentioned, such as 120/75 millimetres. The measurement is for each half of the strap, with the smaller (75mm) size for the buckle, and the longer (120mm) size for the end with holes.

  1. Know which tools to use

Renowned watch strap and accessory suppliers like recommend having the right tools as well. You can remove a watch strap using a spring bar, which is available online. If you don’t have a spring bar, you can make use of a knife or a screwdriver. You will also need a soft piece of cloth so you can rest your watch on it and reduce the likelihood of scratching.

  1. Know the hardware

In some cases, you can buy a watch strap without the buckles, so be sure to check for this when you do your search. Alternatively, you can replace your buckle with an entirely new one, especially if you want it to match the case. Most hardware is made of stainless or brushed steel, and if your watch case is neither of the two, then you may want to consider getting new hardware that matches your case as well.

  1. Know the material

Watch straps come in many different materials, from crocodile or snake leather to classic cowhide leather or Nato straps and more. Make sure to select a material which fits your needs. Ask yourself where you often wear your watch, and if you wear your watch in different situations (such as at the beach or whilst running or exercising). Standard leather is suitable for casual, everyday wear, but it’s not recommended that you wear a leather strap during the summer. Nylon straps or Nato straps are a good choice during the hot season, as they are more comfortable and can absorb moisture better than leather.

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