Tips for first time gym shoppers

It’s all about the clothing and accessories you choose – up the ante on your workout with the right picks.

As our lifestyles become busier and our lives unhealthy, there is growing awareness about the pitfalls of low fitness. The incidence of lifestyle diseases and stress-related illnesses is on the rise, especially among younger age groups. However, people are waking up to the benefits of maintaining fitness for a better quality of life. And so, many people are taking to gym workouts, swimming, walking, jogging, etc.

If you have recently enrolled in a gym, then you are obviously on the lookout for some good gym clothing. We urge you to not make the same mistake that many others make – that of wearing old tees and track bottoms for exercise. Gym wear is specially designed to withstand high amounts of pressure and sweat as your body goes through a range of movements. Old clothing simply does not cut it!

Here’s how you buy the right gym wear:

* Look for Dri-Fit clothing.Dri-Fit is a kind of fabric technology that wicks sweat away from the skin. It offers rapid absorption and equally rapid drying action – so your skin remains fresh and cool, and there is no semblance of dampness. You can get tees, shorts and leggings in this fabric. However, it tends to cling to the skin so you might want to consider a looser fit if you are conscious of your body at this point. We suggest not opting for cotton clothing – it does not dry as rapidly, and it keeps the skin clammy and uncomfortable.

* Pick the right size. When going online clothes shopping for gym clothes, it is always better to check the size guide provided on the shopping app. The size guide will provide measurements for shoulders, chest, waist, hips and in some cases, even length of the garment. Measure your body before you start online shopping for clothes. If you find that one measurement matches and another doesn’t, it is better to go with the bigger measurement but not a bigger size. Double check each garment against the size guide when you’re picking different brands, since sizes can vary.

* Pick the right footwear. The kind of footwear you pick for the gym depends on the kind of workout you’ve signed up for. Normally, you should be fine with basic shoes for aerobic activity. These shoes account for both cardio and weight training workouts. If you’re going to run on the treadmill a lot, then running shoes are best. Don’t wear old sneakers to the gym – these will not offer adequate arch and heel support.

* Pick accessories. Apart from shopping for clothes online, you can also pick accessories like a gym bag, soft napkins, socks, water bottle, skipping rope, wristbands and headbands on leading shopping apps. Just look under the app’s sportswear and accessories section to find all the items you need.