The Ingredients for a First-class Pizza Oven

Ask yourself—is there ever a situation in which pizza isn’t a welcome entrée? Whether you’re looking to order in at the end of a long week, entertaining a group of friends for a large party, or want some quick, easy, casual catering for a company function, pizza is always a good option.

Professional kitchens and pizza companies know this well, and likewise, they know that only the best-cooked pizzas made from the finest ingredients will do. Just as great artists deserve the most elegant paints and the best teams require first-class training staffs, so too are the top pizzas made from the finest pizza ovens. Whether you’re looking for a new domestic pizza maker or a professional-grade pizza oven, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

Build and Sturdiness

First things first; before you get into the details of what’s under the hood, you’ll want to know that the actual frame of your pizza oven is sturdy and built to last. One thing you’ll want to check is the actual type of metal used in the construction of the oven. For example, stainless steel in general and 304-caliber stainless steel in particular are considered to be particularly long-lasting. Incoloy alloys are likewise incredibly durable. Then there’s the question of what the model’s frame can actually “do.” Removable heads, for example, make cleaning the unit easier, while longer and wider cooking chambers allow you to cook more pizzas at once, thereby increasing overall productivity. Finally, there is only so much space in your kitchen, so you’ll want to make compact models a priority.

Ease of Use

Whether you and your customers prefer the simplest of pepperoni pizzas or the most intricate of specialty dishes, one thing upon which everyone can agree is the fact that the last thing anyone wants when it comes to pizza-making is for the process itself to be complex. That is why the best pizza ovens—as complex as their inner workings may be—tend to feature easy-to-use controls which are simple to both use and understand. For example, your standard Starline pizza oven comes equipped with controls which are specifically designed to for ease of use, featuring “set and forget” controls which allow you to flick between settings quickly and easily while resetting back to their standard format each time. In addition, time and temperature controls help you manage the oven’s power and efficiency.

Cooking Speed

If there is one drawback to the pizza-making process, it’s the fact that a good pizza can take a while to make. With that being said, nobody—not you, and certainly not your customers—wants to be left waiting around for an excessive period of time just for a single pizza or even a batch to finish cooking. As such, cooking speed is one of the most important aspects of any pizza oven, and professional-grade ovens can typically cook 8, 12, or even 16 pizzas per hour.

Kick it up a notch in your kitchen with a first-class pizza oven!