How To Choose The Ideal Dress To Fit Your Body Type?

Are you off to purchase some kurtis online? Then, you should keep in mind your body type while purchasing the kurtis. Depending on whether you’re tall, short, overweight or thin- you need to pick the right patterns and fabrics to make you look more fabulous in the new apparels.

The guidelines will help you get the best dress according to your body type and complexion

To look best in a new kurti, you should have to consider your body type and complexion before purchasing it. There are a plethora of such dresses that you can shop from the premium online shopping sites. But you should have a clear understanding of which body type complements the apparel best. The first key to shop the exact kurti is the one that fits you perfectly and you should look alluring in the attire.

There are four types of bodies- Apple, rectangle, pear, and hourglass. Know your body type and flaunt your assets and learn how to downplay the problem areas that are supposed to be covered.

Apple body

You can consider yourself an apple body woman if your top section of the body is heavy and carrying the weight around the torso. To look thinner, you can choose the vertical stripes and choose the long length kurtis under your knee-length. Opt for the darker colors to look pretty thinner than your actual body contour. High-necks and V-necks are the ideal collar cuts for the apple-shaped bodies.

Rectangle body

Usually, women of such body shapes carry a slender and athletic figure. They have lesser curves. Therefore, if you have such a figure and want to appear curvy, opt for kurti with beaded designs and embellished busts. Dresses with ornamented waists can create a more hourglass shape and make you look curvy on the rectangle frame. So, take a close look at this pointer when picking the kurtis and the kurti sets to look curvier than you are and make yourself enticing.

Hourglass body

With an hourglass body, you should be thankful. This is the diva figure and you can flaunt best in the mermaid styled corset dresses to draw more attention to the bust and waist. But when you’re wearing a kurti, you can opt for the deep cuts to flaunt your womanly beauty. Pick a beautiful dupatta to compliment your entire apparel.

Along with the right kurti, you should choose the right ornaments, footwear and makeup to compliment the whole look of yours.