Have You Heard of Tencel Lyocell Fabric?

When clothing manufacturers make clothes today, they are using innovative and botanic fibres. One of these fabrics is made of the fibres of wood products, and, for this reason, it is sustainable. Therefore, wood is contributing to people’s comfort when they choose clothes to wear.

An Innovative Wood-based Material

Many manufacturers are asking, “What is Tencel Lyocell fabric?” The same question is also being asked by customers. This innovative sustainable fabric makes use of wood and pulp – products that are harvested in controlled environments.

What is great about this fabric is that it feels cool and dry and therefore regulates the body temperature in a subtle way. When you wear any clothing product made of Tencel Lyocell materials, you will feel cooler than when you wear materials made from cotton. This type of fabric supports the thermal regulation system of the body, thereby keeping you pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day. The fabric can be made to offer dry and warming sensations as well.

A More Hygienic Material

When you use any fabric made of the Tencel Lyocell fibre, you will find that the clothing is more hygienic. Therefore, this type of fabric efficiently absorbs the moisture that leads to bacterial growth. When you compare it to synthetics, such as polyester, it is a superior product. As a result, this wood-based fabric does not attract unfavourable bacteria from getting on the skin. Its hygienic qualities are considered better than other materials.

This sustainable production of this wood-based product is indeed transforming the way that clothing manufacturers are processing apparel. Wood pulp is converted to cellulose fibres that provide a high efficiency resource-wise. As a result, the ecological impact is low. The solvent-spinning process that is employed makes use of recycled water and reuses the said solvent almost completely. Therefore, any fashion or clothes choices will not impact the planet adversely.

Keep the Planet Healthy

If you want to do your part for contributing to the health of the planet, you need to consider the sustainability of the fabrics you wear. You can feel confident that you are not making any detrimental impact when you choose fibres made of Tencel Lyocell. Plus, this fibre, although made of wood, is very soft to the skin. It therefore provides long-lasting comfort. People with sensitive skin love this sustainable and soft-feeling fabric.

No More Static Charges

Because the fibres absorb moisture, they also eliminate static charges. The fibres are tension-free and therefore do not promote electrostatic charging. Other synthetics can produce these charges.

Check Out the Fabric Yourself

As you can see, there are a lot of good things that you can say about Tencel Lyocell fibres and the fabrics they produce. Whether you are a manufacturer or consumer, this is a good fabric to use. This fabric exhibits strength, smoothness, drape, sheen, colour vibrancy, better colour retention, and most of all, a favourable feeling to the consumer. If you want to find out more about this product, you should order a clothing item made of the fibres. That is the best way to test the amenities for yourself.