Give the Great Gift of Cycling Gear

If you currently have a man in your life who cannot find enough reasons to get off his bike, it is time to gift him with the attire he is most in need of so his next ride is more enjoyable. Those who love to cycle as well as those who ride their bike more than five kilometres in one trip require jerseys and shorts to improve their performance and make cycling far more comfortable. Traditional clothing, such as T-shirts and jeans, cannot stand up to the comfort and benefits associated with using great cycling gear, and this year it is time to offer something that is both aesthetically great to look at and functional for the cyclist in your life.


The more you cycle, especially in the enormous heat of an Australian summer day, the more you are likely to find yourself drenched in sweat before you reach your destination. While sweating is not particularly bad for your body if you can stay hydrated enough, it can cause discomfort, fungal infections, acne, and a few other problems that would otherwise be avoidable with the right attire. Men’s cycling jerseys are not only capable of wicking away sweat and moisture,  that moisture is also brought to the outer layer of the garment to be evaporated into the atmosphere.

During hot, dry summer days, your cyclist will find himself much cooler than he was taking the same trip in a traditional piece of clothing such as a T-shirt. Traditional clothing will also not allow the moisture produced by the body to be released, instead soaking it up and holding it against the skin. Not only could this cause discomfort rather quickly, but a fungal infection commonly referred to as “jock’s itch” could also develop where you sweat the most, such as under your armpits or on your inner thighs.

Symptoms of this infection include itching, skin discolouration, tingling, pain, an unpleasant odour, and more, plus you will need to apply a fungal cream for some weeks to remove the problem. Rather than allowing this to happen, you could gift your cyclist with a great jersey designed to reduce the chance of this developing in the first place. Not only will they be healthier, you will also get to enjoy many more kilometres of riding before you find yourself uncomfortable or drenched in sweat.


Jerseys come with two, three, or four pockets, depending on the style, that are built into the back of the garment. These are large enough to hold a set of keys, a phone, a wallet, and many other items that might otherwise need to be shoved into the pocket of your trousers. Since traditional trousers are not designed to handle the movement of cycling, it is more likely that your items will fall out of them during your ride. However, this is not the case whenever you utilise the pockets of a jersey which are designed to hold any number of things without fear of losing them.