Figural Costume Jewellery – It is a Jungle Available

Figural costume jewellery is really fun to gather, and animal figures are towards the top of their email list.

Consider any mammal, bird, fish, insect or reptile, and you can be certain to locate many pieces in lots of styles. Made with rhinestones, gold, silver, enamel, gold and silver and gemstones, lucite, bakelite along with other plastics, the range is actually endless.

Have you got a favorite dog breed? There is the begin to an amazing collection! Throughout the 1930s Scottie jewellery would be a popular design, affected by President Franklin Roosevelt’s dog, Fala. Within the 1950s dog jewellery had prevalent appeal. My granny Bella used some dog scatter pins with rhinestone eyes and collars.

Cats are extremely famous figural jewellery, both in vintage and contemporary pieces. Unique kitties have fun with rhinestone balls, look in their glare in glass mirrors, and cuddle together in enamel baskets.

Vintage costume figurals vary from exotic creatures like cheetahs, giraffes, tigers and gazelles, to gorgeous wild birds, fish, bees, lizards, as well as crabs, lobsters, frogs and turtles. Silver inset into gold tone made the spots on leopards. Silvertone and rhinestones gave existence to elephant jewellery. The infinite number of bird colors came alive by using enamel and colored rhinestones. Lucite “jelly belly” creatures incorporated turtles, wild birds and fish, the rounded “bellies” developing their physiques.

Make a vintage seal pin balancing a gem or rhinestone on his nose – he’s available, and you simply will dsicover him. Picture a flamingo pin covered in pink gemstones, a seahorse covered in pearls, a turtle having a lucite “jelly belly” because of its back. Red rhinestones create a lobster pin glow. Eco-friendly enamel covers a frog’s back. The infinite colors of bakelite designed for stylized and creatures. Lucite dolphins frolic as though under water.

Take a look at estate sales, thrift shops and rummage sales to find the best prices, and, of course, examine each piece carefully for condition from the gemstones or even the workmanship. If you are buying on your own, you may be a little more lenient with flaws than if you are buying for investment.

Regardless of whether you focus on one sort of animal jewellery, or spread the wealth around, you are certain to benefit from the search and capture of remarkably beautiful animal figural jewellery.