Don’t Give Up On Staying Fit After Becoming A Parent

“Marriage makes a person happy and parenthood lazy.”, Once said a wise man. The wisdom of that man might be questionable but his words are quite practical. Parenthood causes more sedentary lifestyle than anything else.

Though parents being preoccupied throughout the day, a sharp dip in physical activity is seen from planned workouts to walks in the mall to gardening, everything decreases.

Why physical activity takes a hit

However surprising it may seem, men’s level of physical activity dipped more than the mothers, according to a report. New parents find it challenging to allot a time slot for physical activity with work pressure mounting up caused by many reasons like sleepless nights and tiresome chores morning to evening. Getting them ready in the morning and picking them up from schools, etc.

You can use up your midday for workouts, squeeze them in just before the lunch in those lunch breaks. Even exercising for only 15 minutes will do tremendous good to your body. You can also include 10-minute sessions whenever you find the time. It is found that they are as effective as regular workouts.

Baby strollers can help

There has been many advancements in the equipment for workout for parents. You can find baby wraps, backpacks. best running strollers are also found on the internet for taking the baby with you to your jogs and workouts.

Being organized and motivated is the only way to make sure you don’t get off track and lose out on your fitness. You can set a pattern to fit those sessions in your schedule.

After caring for kids, workplace demands, household chores, doctors appointments, school and all the rest, very little time is left for moms to sweat out at the gym. They need it the most though, just to maintain their sense of balance and calm.

Types of exercises you can indulge in

Stealth workouts are as effective and exciting they sound. You can start working out whenever you can plan a break from your kids like strength training or flexes. Yoga is also a  good option if you can make that break in the mornings into your routine. You can also engage your children in watching the TV while you are on a treadmill.

Kids these days are sometimes as busy as their parents, giving the parents an opportunity to join them on the field if it is soccer practice or the gym if it’s music class. Naptime is the best time to make your workout session work. It may not be the same every day when it comes to free time, but naptime can be scheduled so that kids adjust to the routine.