Custom Velcro Patches On Your Own Or Online

Velcro patches are the same as that of Embroidered Patches only that the patches are detachable and can be replaced with any other patches of the same dimensions.

Steps for making an Embroidered Custom Velcro Patch:

  1. First, make the Design or the Embroidered Patch
  • You will have to cut a piece of cloth with the same dimension as your design.
  • Then draw the design with every detailing.
  • Make the background embroidered as well using suitable coloured threads.
  • Add details to your design using threads.
  1. How to Add the Velcro onto your Patch and your clothing:
  • Make sure that the cloth on which you are going to attach your embroidered patch and the embroidered patch both are ready.
  • Buy a Velcro hook and loop fasteners and iron-on Velcro tape, either online or from any other shop.
  • Make sure that Iron is available as you will have to heat the patches.
  • First, you will have to take your cloth and place the tape on the hook fasteners and place the fasteners, such that the tape faces the cloth on which you are going to attach the patch.
  • Then, you will have to place another cloth over the arrangement and o a hot press with the iron.
  • The same procedure follows for the patch on which you will have to place the iron tape on the patch and then the loop fasteners, cover the total arrangement with a cloth and hot press it with iron.

These will help to make you Custom Velcro Patches easily with the suitable design that you love.

Nowadays, there is the availability of custom patches being made on order from the customers. They have their design dimensions in which you will have to fit your design and order your product. You will get the embroidered custom Velcro patches in no time.