Best and top selling saree brands worth going for!

Saree, the Indian woman’s traditional wear, can be considered as the most feminine fashion outfit. Even if most of the women nowadays prefer western outfits over the traditional Indian outfit, if it ever comes to elegance, grace, class, and a pinch of sensuality, then saree is definitely the first choice that will come to mind. Sarees are perfect for occasions like party, wedding, poojas, and other formal and casual occasions.

This article is all about letting you all know some of the best and top-selling saree brands so that next time you decide to buy a saree you can buy from the best of the best.

  1. Satya Paul Sarees –

Satya Paul sareesare definitely among the most renowned and exceptional range of sarees available in the Indian market. Available in a vast range of colours, fabrics, designs, and patterns, Satya Paul sarees are specifically aimed at the modern Indian women. Silk sarees with an exclusively stand apart design is the specialty of Satya Paul saree.

  1. Manish Malhotra Sarees –

The name Manish Malhotra does not need any introduction. He has long been the favourite of many Bollywood stars. His own couture brand has only a few stores in some of the metro cities. If you are planning to buy sareer for some special occasion like wedding, engagement, big party event etc., then do consider Manish Malhotra sarees.

  1. Nalli Silk Sarees –

Started 85 years back, Nalli Silk Sarees are the perfect example of South Indian style sarees. Blending in tradition and culture into their designer sarees, this brand still remains to be the favourite of many women. They offer a vast range of saree collections that include printed, wedding, party, work, heritage, work-related, etc., in different fabrics and colors. Silk and Kanji Puram remain to be the most primary variety of sarees being produced by Nalli silk sarees.

  1. Fabindia Sarees –

Well-known to all the women of India, the Fabindia sarees are mostly preferred because of their use of natural and organic fabric materials like cotton and silk. Introduced by the Tata Group, the exclusively elegant, ethnic, and traditional prints and patterns of Fabindia sarees are what make them so popular.

  1. Sabyasachi sarees –

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a man who has taken the definition of sarees to a whole new and different level in the national and international market. Each one of the sarees designed by Sabyasachi very clearly depicts his love for Indian sarees in the form of a beautiful mixture of traditional Indian weaves, designs, fabrics, and embroideries. Although it might be hard to get his signature sarees easily, you can still find them in some premium store of famous cities.

  1. Soch sarees –

Drape yourself in sheer elegance and sophistication by buying one of the best in classSoch sarees. Their precise and punctilious attention to the print details and designs, choice of superior quality fabrics, and adherence to the highest quality standards is what makes the soch sareesstand apart from the crowd of normal saree brands.

So next time you plan on wearing sari for some special event, you know where to shop for them. Go buy these beautiful sarees, and look like a diva in every occasion.