5 Amazing Parting Gifts You Can Get for Your Colleague

It is only practical to mention when you work with your colleagues, there comes a time when one out of your workmate-bunch might decide to leave. Change is just as much a part of work, as is working with colleagues and developing a close bond in workspace over time. When one of your work pals decides to switch, this calls for a parting gift to appreciate having worked with your him/her. Depending on how your bond with your colleague has been, there are a number of alternatives you can choose out of; Here’s how we’ve got your back in choosing a gift for your colleague!

  1. Caricatures:

For a colleague with whom you have shared a very friendly bond at the workplace, a caricature would make sense. This would be a funny and a memorable gift that your colleague would be able to treasure for as long as he/she can. A personalized caricature photo would be a perfect idea if you want to get your entire pack in a single frame. Every time your colleague looks at it, they would be reminded of all the fun times you’d have had.

  1. Customized Chocolates:

If you don’t share an informal relationship with your colleague, it still is not a reason for you to escape getting a parting gift. Chocolates can never disappoint, so this is one of the safest parting gifts you can get for your colleague,  whether you’ve had a formal or informal relationship with your colleague. To make it even more interesting for your colleague, customize the chocolate box and get different flavors for your pal.

  1. Desk Accessories:

When you share a formal relationship with a colleague who is about to leave, getting a desk accessory is also a good option. Desk accessories would never go out of fashion and would be something that’d be useful for your colleague. Desk accessories, like a pen stand, would be a great alternative. In fact, within desk accessories, you would even be able to find supplies that are appropriate for both formal and informal colleagues.

  1. Coffee Warmer

Every one out of one person is a coffee addict in the workplace. Coffee is pretty much like an employee’s best friend, fuel to an employee’s brain. If your dear colleague is obsessed with coffee so much, the best thing you can ever gift them would be a coffee mug warmer. What’s more annoying than having to waste a cup of coffee just because it gets cold? Wherever your colleague works next, (s)he’d get to escape the annoyance with the help of your parting gift.

  1. Personalized Bobblehead

Have you always been shocked by all those crazy birthday gifts your colleague has been getting you each time for your birthday? It is time for you to get right back at your colleague with a cute and funny gift and up your game. All you have to do is get a picture of your friend to the supplier. The supplier would create a bobblehead looking exactly like your colleague. Every time the bobblehead bobbles, your colleague won’t be able to help but miss you.

Amazing gifts, right? You can look for endless parting gift idea via the cuddl and get the best gift for your colleague. While these gifts are perfect for a colleague, some of them would even make sense if you plan to get a gift for your manager. Whatever you choose, at the end of the day it all comes down to parting with the best of memories.